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Revamping Homs Refinery

Project Name:
Implementation of the Atmospheric and Vacum Distillation Units Revamp at Homs Refinery
Location: Syria, Homs
Project Description:
The existing crude and vacuum distillation units and relevant facilities of Homs Refinery shall be modified to process Heavy and Syrian Crude oil plus Bassra regular oil. The redesign new operating capacity of each atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit shall be as follows:
o Atmospheric Distillation Unit-10 1000 000 MTY
o Atmospheric Distillation Unit-21 1700 000 MTY
o Atmospheric Distillation Unit-100 2000 000 MTY
o Vacuum Distillation Unit-103 160 000 MTY
o Vacuum Distillation Unit-19 128 000 MTY
o Vacuum Distillation Unit-19A 200 000 MTY
Type of Contract: 
Date of Commencement: 2010
Client: Homs Refinery Company

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