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Engineering, License & Technology
License & Technology
The principal commission of Licensing and Technology of Iran Itok Engineering Company is obtaining and transfer of know-how needed for applying systematic and new methods of optimization of the processes of the project, controlling, and increasing the added value.
The activities of the Office are done in following ways:
  • Solving the processing problems of the projects and improving the existing processes.
  • Identification and purchasing the needed patents
  • Obtaining know-how and licenses needed by the projects and the different units of the company.
  • Gathering the relevant scientific information through attending in national and or international congresses, seminars, and conferences that result in transfer of desired scientific information and experiences.
Among the sources used by the Office for gathering the information are the scientific sites existing in Internet, plants, essays of scientific journals, essays presented to the congresses and conferences, different researches and reports, and employing professional forces.
The indicators used for purpose of measuring the degree of achievements are:
  • Input/output ratio that is controlled by the multitude of the information fed into a project and the saved time to the expected amount.
  • The Projects Problems Removal is controlled by the ratio of the solved problems to total problems.
  • The ratio of the number of the essays presented to scientific gatherings to the number of the congresses, conferences, and seminars that relate to the projects of the company.
  • Ratio of the used technology to obtained technology
All engineering services and supervision implementations are carried out in this deputy office. In other words, in all “EPC” projects, engineering services are rendered by this division and its subdivisions. The units affiliated to this deputy office are as follows :  
  • Civil & Architecture Department  
Highly experienced experts organize the civil department, and high effective technology of computer software is used to analyze and design the structures.
his department is capable of consulting and managing the design and supervision of many complicated and high standard industrial projects. Department activities are :
Design review of industrial project .
Basic design of industrial projects – (Architecture Civil & Structure )
Detailed design of industrial projects – (Architecture Civil & Structure )
Basic & detailed design of access and internal roads of industrial projects .
Site preparation - Surveying, Grading, leveling
Mechanical & electrical tunnels and trenches design
Detailed design of machine foundations – buried concrete reservoirs- elevated water tanks – concrete cooling towers – thickeners-concrete feeding BINS – transfer towers – belt conveyors .
Preparing of tender documents (bill of materials, bill of quantities, and schedule of prices, contracts, and calling for tenders – site supervision – high supervision .
Investigation of monthly and final statements of contractors
Iranian standards and codes for civil and structural design
Loading design code (No. 519 ) , Minimum loads on buildings and industrial structures .
Earthquake design code (No. 2800)  
Iranian code for seismic resistant design of buildings
Iran concrete standard ( ABA )
Iranian building material
Publications of budgets and planning organization of standard and industrial research in Iran
American Standards :
A.C.I.       American Concrete Instituted
A.I.S.C.    American Institute of Steel Construction
A.W.S.     American Welding Society
U.B.C.       Uniform Building Code
D.I.N.       Deutsche Institute für Normung 
  • Utility Department  
In this department, design work and reviews are carried out by a team of design engineers.
The activities are as follows:
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
Chilled, Hot Water and Steam Systems
Domestic Cold & Hot Water, Sanitary & Storm Sewer (Plumbing) Systems
Water Supply & Waste Disposal Systems
Fire Fighting & Protection System
Gas & Fuel Oil System
Kitchen Equipment & Catering
Central Mechanical Rooms Equipment
The famous international and local codes or standards are used in this department for diversified engineering works such as :
ISO: International Organization for Standardization
BS: British Standards Association
DIN: Deutsche Institute für Normung
ASHRAE: American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering
NFPA: National Fire Protection Association
NIGC: National Iranian Gas Co .
NIOC: National Iranian Oil Co .
NPC: National Plumbing Code
ISIRI: Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran
PBO: Islamic Republic of Iran, Plan and Budget Organization 
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Department 
The design work of this department is enhanced by a group of well-qualified and experienced design engineers. This group is capable of designing and preparing drawings and technical documents for the following activities at different stages (basic, detail, erection, etc.);
Single Line Diagram
Cable and Earthling Layout
Schematic Wiring Diagram
Cable Schedule
Lighting Layout
Area Classification
Short Circuit Analysis
Voltage DIP Calculation upon Motor Starting
Relay Coordination
Sag and Tension and Voltage Regulation of Transmission Lines
Tower Spotting
Telephone System Communication Layout
Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
Logic Diagram
Loop Diagram
Hook up Diagram
Equipment Technical Specification
Equipment Requisition and Indent
Technical Bid Evaluation
Materials Take-Off
Standard Drawings
Standards, which are used and followed in design by the departmental staff, are as follows :
International Electro-technical Committee, IEC .
Illumination Engineering Society, IES .
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE
Institute of Electrical Engineers , IEE
National Electrical Safety Code, NESC
National Fire Protection Association, NFPA
American Petroleum Institute, API
British Standard BS
Instrumentation Society of America ISA
  • Process Department 
In this department, a group of experts and designers design and prepare related drawings and documents in the following fields :
Manufacturing process
Material and energy balances
Temperature and pressure ranges
Raw material and product specification
Yields, reaction rates, and time cycles
Material of construction
Utility requirements
Block diagram
Process Flow diagram (PFD )
Equipment sizing and calculation
Utility Flow Diagram (UFD )
Piping and instrument diagram (P&ID )
Preparation of bid document & bid evaluation 
  • Equipment & Machinery Department 
Design work and design reviews are carried out in this department by a team of experienced engineers. The activities are as follow :
Design of industrial plant
Design review of the equipment and machinery of the factories & plants
Design of hauling equipment such as belt conveyors, industrial piping and pumps for material handling
Design of the workshop and machine tools for industrial factory
Preparing spare part list for industrial plant & machinery
The famous local codes & international standards are used in this department such as :
DIN:     Deutsche institute für Normung
BS:      British Standard Association
ANSI:  American National Standards Institute
JIS:     Japanese Industrial Standards
ASTM: American Society for Testing & Materials
ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers 


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