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Shahid Mostafavi & shahid Mohammadi Gas Compressor Stations

Project Name: Supervision of constriction for Shahid Mostafavi & shahid Mohammadi Gas Compressor Stations
Location: Khuzestan Province/Ahwaz
Project Description:
The purpose of Shahid Mohammadi Station is to increase incoming gas pressure of Maroon Ethane Recovery Unit and deliver it to NIGC. After supplying low-pressure gas consumption, the surplus should be compressed by the mentioned station.
The outgoing gas of first & second stages of NGL 400 Plant should be compressed in Shahid Mostafavi Station and transferred to Maroon Ethane Recovery Unit as feed gas.
Type of Contract: 
Date of Commencement: 2005
Date of Commissioning: 2008
Client: National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)

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