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In accordance with the “Maximum Utilization of the Country’s Technical and Engineering Capabilities for Projects Implementation Act”, Iran Itok has established construction division to undertake the projects implementation through Turn-key and EPC schemes, applying the engineering and executive potentials of the company.
The construction division provides a wide variety of services by utilizing team works comprised of highly qualified and experienced specialists in different fields. This division also has the benefit of assistance and cooperation of experts working for other departments.
In addition, construction division provides technical inspection, quality control and quality assurance services.
The main activities of this division are as follows:
·       Provision of all required services for pre-feasibility studies (including orientation, pre-investment, techno-economic, social and environmental studies(
·       Provision of all required services for feasibility studies (including orientation, pre-investment, techno-economic ,social and environmental studies( 
·       Provision of all services for contractual and implementation phase
·       Basic and detailed design
·       Equipment procurement and manufacturing services
·       Pre- commissioning services
·       Supervision on commissioning and performance guarantee tests
·       Suppliers recognition
·       Preparation of tender documents, arranging the tenders and vendor lists
·       Evaluation and appraisal of tender proposals
·       Equipment manufacturing and supply
·       Technical inspection and supervision on manufacturing and performance tests
·       Manufacturing follow up and acceleration
·       Supervision on equipment packing and freight
·       Project definition
·       Preparation of projects, scope of total services
·       Projects capital cost estimate
·       Preparation of local and international tenders proposal
·       Bidding for tenders, follow up and escalation
·       Conceptual, basic and detailed design
·       Equipment fabrication & supply
·       Construction works
·       Infrastructure construction
·       Equipment and production lines installation and commissioning
·       Ensure that contractors maintain appropriate site and supporting executive organizations
·       Evaluation and approval of contractors work program, execution plan and time schedule
·       Evaluation and approval of the contractors and subcontractors staff competence and work programs
·       Material supply and consumption based on technical specifications control and performing the required quality control tests
·       Emphasize on appropriate machinery application and installation anticipated time schedule control
·       Preparation and submission of the project monthly progress reports
·       Technical inspection and quality control
·       Enforce applicable financial and safety regulations
·       Preparation of technical archives including maps, reports and project documents
·       Review and comments on the contractors invoices with respect to work volumes and technical Performance
·       Project programming, desirability and quality control during equipment fabrication, installation, commissioning and operation
·       Preparation of quality plan for equipment parts and machinery manufacturing to verify their conformity with the project standards and technical specifications with respect to the due responsibilities of the client, consultant, contractor, etc.
·       Audit on quality control systems of the project contractors, manufacturers and constructors
·       Preparation and supervision on documentation practice during project implementation and equipment fabrication
·       Programming and supervision on destructive and non-destructive tests and verifying the equipment fabrication in accordance with international standards
·       Provision of programs and services for consumable materials quality control and equipment and machineries internationally distinguished good performance
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