Board of Directors

Itok Group Company was established with the aim of providing design, engineering, project management services as well as implementation of industrial and energy projects. Over the last 30 years, it has attracted the most sophisticated technical and engineering experts, providing advanced software and hardware facilities, setting up specialized satellite companies, establishing overseas branches and offices, as well as obtaining the highest engineering, executive and general contracting positions. In addition to being an effective participant in major projects in the country, it has been able to execute more than 100 major national and international projects. The main activities of Itok Group are project implementation as EPC and GC in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemicals, mining and minerals, as well as participation in project financing. As one of the most prestigious private companies in Iran, Itok Company has sought to utilize its powerful and experienced staff with the cooperation of major domestic and foreign companies and have an effective and constructive role in the design and implementation of various projects. Project definition and management, basic and detailed engineering, supply of goods, implementation, commissioning and commissioning services, and the services provided comply with the highest international standards and provide the satisfaction of the clients.

مهندس محمدحسين ترابي

M.H. Torabi

مهندس علي ترابي

Ali Torabi

Vice Chairman


مهندس حسین علیمددی

H. Alimadadi

Managing Director