• Start Date: 2004
  • TaskMaster: National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)
  • Project Statuse: Finished
  • Project Type: EPC
  • Location: Kerman Province - Sirjan - Hormozgan Province - Bandar Abbas

Abshirin and Sirjan Gas Compressor Stations

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The project purpose is to supply required gas for Hormozghan and Kerman provinces. Abshirin station is located 50 Km from Bandar-Abbas and Sirjan station 10 Km from Sirjan. Inputting gas to each station is about 10.6 million cubic meters per day. The pressure of inputting gas is about 697 PSIA for Abshirin station and 650 PSIA for Sirjan station while the pressure of cleaned gas after passing through filtered separators will be increased to 1150 PSIA.